Thursday, February 11, 2010

Today at Sweeney's...

So I made this Curry Chicken Stew today at work as part of the special. It turned out to be quite popular- we sold a boatload of it. The specials just flew right out the door. One guy even asked for the recipe (which I don't have, since I kind of just threw it all together as I went)! So I wrote down the ingredients and basic routine for putting it all together, and because it was so popular I plan on doing a post about it here, hopefully sooner rather than later, but for now this post is for that dude who asked for the recipe, on the off-chance that he may have stopped by (since I added the web address to the list of ingredients).

I left off one very important part- when you take the chicken out of the oven, save the cooking liquid and add it to the pot. It adds a very nice, and essential, chicken flavor to the stew, as well as saves you the step of either making your own chicken stock, or using a store-bought one. Also, it keeps the sodium level down (because even low-sodium chicken stock isn't really all that low-sodium). It really does make a difference. I found this out because I made approximately 3 gallons of soup (not un-typical for me) and so when it came time to replenish the soup-well, the second half was a little low on liquid, so I had to add more of everything to kind of even it out; except the only thing I didn't have was more of the liquid that the chicken was cooked in. And when I compared it to the first half, the difference was quite noticeable (to me, anyway). So, you don't want to skip that step.

And to any vegetarians who may have happened by here and want to try this out when the actual more-detailed post goes up- obviously, it can easily be made vegetarian (and still be great!) - just substitute with your favorite store-bought veggie stock or (I recommend) make your own- preferably with only veggies that are in the stew, or complement the ones that are (onions, garlic, celery, roasted red peppers, yellow bell peppers).

And... maybe, possibly (but not likely, in all honesty) I'll have this soup recipe-thingy posted around next week sometime : )

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