Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Big Food Blogger Rant

(I was going to tack this on as part of another post, but I decided it warrants a separate post all on its own.)

I read a few food blogs regularly, and am always scanning for new ones, so I've read a great many food blogs over the last couple years, and one thing that completely irritates the pants off of me is the absolute overkill of step-by-step photos. You know what I'm talking about. And probably you already have in mind one or two food bloggers who do it constantly. You know, the photo showing the bowl of flour that you have to mix the baking soda into, with the teaspoon full of baking soda hovering over it waiting to be dropped in- 'Now I'm getting ready to add in the baking soda! Now I'm actually adding it in! [new photo, showing it falling in] Now I'm tap-tap-tapping the spoon on the edge of the bowl! [new photo showing the tap-tap-tap] Now I'm setting the spoon on the counter with the other dirty utensils! [new photo showing the dirty utensils] Now I'm reaching for the wire whip!' [New photo...] And so on, and so on, and so on, with one photo after another showing each. and. every. little. unnecessary. step; utilizing a dozen photos when one or two at most will suffice. Should some freak miracle occur and this post somehow finds its way to a food blogger or two who does that sort of thing, I would just like to say this:

Please. Stop.

It's unnecessary, at best. It hurts the readers' eyes. It doesn't add anything to the post. You can do better. You know who you are.