Friday, November 25, 2011

Hummina-hummina hummus, II

(As I mentioned in the previous post, me and a buddy got together recently and came up with some hold-on-to-your-hat-they're-so-good recipes. This isn't one of those- they're next- but it's pretty damn good, and one I've been wanting to post for awhile.)

So, a long time ago I tried making hummus for the very first time and found out I was actually pretty damn good at it, and have been hooked on it ever since (well, mine anyway. Maybe I'm biased, but whenever I try somebody else's hummus, I always compare it to mine, and mine always comes out on top). So one day awhile back I came across a recipe online for sweet potato hummus, which I had surprisingly never thought of doing before. I gave the recipe a brief scan just to get an idea of what was in it and then quickly thought to myself that I've got to give this a try, except that mine will be even better. And it is. What's more, I'm even willing to admit that I have never actually even made that hummus recipe, and I still think mine's better. Oh yeah. That's right. Sure, she's got cooler/sexier photos, but whatever. Mine calls for coconut milk, which automatically makes it better than any other sweet potato hummus that doesn't. For real.

Here's the actual recipe:

1 1/4 lb baked sweet potatoes
1 lb garbanzo beans, drained + 1/4 c of the juice (homemade is preferable, but canned will work just fine too)
1 1/4 c coconut milk
1 t ea. kosher salt/pepper/crushed red pepper flakes
1T lemon juice
1T fresh minced garlic
1T cumin

Don't forget- this is hummus; don't feel like you have to follow the recipe exactly. I usually like a little more cumin/salt/garlic/lemon in mine, but when I'm making it for other people, this is one of the few recipes that I do try to stick to. But even when I just whip it up on the fly, without actually following the recipe, and I think it's 'just ok,' or 'not as good as it usually is,' folks have still raved about it to me. Maybe I just happen to hang around a bunch of yes-men, or crazy people, or whatever, but I think this recipe is pretty kick-ass and definitely worth your time (especially since it's super quick and easy to make). It goes great on homemade flatbread, but is also good on veggie sticks or whatever. I've even been known to eat it straight out of the bowl with a spoon.

crappy cell phone pic, because my camera's main lens died :(

As you can see, it's not very orange-colored, as you might expect. The coconut milk really lightens it up, yet the coconut flavor is not too strong. I find it to be quite subtle, in fact. If you like hummus- or maybe even more so if you don't- give it a go. I think you'll be surprised.