Monday, September 17, 2012

'All Your Honey Are Belong To Us!' - China

Came across a really interesting article on honey the other day over at Foodista. They referenced an article by Food Safety News showing that most honey sold here in the U.S. has had all of it's pollen filtered out, making it impossible to trace the origin, which likely means it's ultimately from China. And since the Chinese generally have no problems selling us highly adulterated shit, some people might find that problematic. Worth looking into more if you use honey at all and would prefer to know that what you're using actually is real honey.

More info:

Here's a link to the shorter version on Foodista.

Here's a similar article on Huffington Post.

A longer (3 page) article published last year by abc news- Tainted Honey Sparks Push for FDA Standard.

And here's the Food Safety News article (a bit long, but worth reading) - Tests Show Most Store Honey Isn't Honey.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My People Call It Maize

Years ago, when I was living in Chicago, I'd see these Mexican food carts, with the vendors selling some sort of corn on a stick. A friend of mine told me they slathered it with mayo, cayenne, parmesan cheese, and maybe some cilantro and lime juice. My first thought was, man that sounds gross. Mayonnaise on corn? The whole thing just seemed weird to me. Fast forward to about a week ago, when I noticed a recipe Saveur posted for Mexican-Style Roasted Corn. I have to admit, the picture kind of sold me on it, so I went out and bought some corn and Queso Fresco. I know their recipe calls for Cotija, but when I got to the store, I couldn't remember for sure if that was it. I thought it was, but the only Cotija I saw looked like overpriced Parm, so I went with Queso Fresco instead. I think I made the right choice.

I made some other, minor, tweaks as well. You can follow their recipe to the letter if you want, but this stuff is dead simple. No recipe needed. They peeled the husks back and tied them with twine; while it does look kinda pretty, it's probably not really necessary. Strip those babies off and throw them in your jerk neighbor's yard or driveway. Saveur soaked their corn in water for a half hour. I didn't soak mine at all, and it came out fine.

Here's a list of my ingredients:

Corn, husks removed
Queso Fresco
Chili Powder
JalapeƱo-Lime powder (my own blend; not really for sale anywhere- yet!)
Fresh lime juice
Fresh cilantro

Putting it all together is almost self-explanatory, but here's how anyway:

Grill the corn till it's as done as you'd like. Slather on the mayo in whatever quantity you'd like. Roll the corn around in a dish of crumbled Queso Fresco till it's nice and coated, then sprinkle with your choice of chili powder(s). Salt and pepper if you want, then squeeze some fresh lime juice on it and hit it with some cilantro. Then, while guzzling a beer, give your neighbors some shit about their stupid messy lawn/driveway.