Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Slow and Low, that is the Tempo...

Ok, so... I want to pretty this place up a little bit with some pics, but being about 7 years behind the times on the technology front, I still use a film camera (and what a fine one it is. Definitely way more camera than I can handle. But it is still a film camera). So I have to buy the film, take between 24-36 shots, get it developed, then cry because all my photos suck, then repeat, hopefully with better results. All of this takes time. Actually, buying the film takes the longest. I don't get out much. I actually just ordered 10 rolls from Adorama because I figured it'd be faster than me going to the store to buy it. True fact. So things might be a little slow around here until it comes in and I can get some photos taken. But I have some good stuff planned for when it does: gumbo, peanut sauce, pozolé, butternut squash soup, and a few other things. And maybe some totally random reviews of kitchen products that I use too.

Also, we both know you want those chips. I just need an address to send them to. Doesn't have to be yours, but it probably should be that of someone who doesn't like spicy food. Otherwise there might not be any left when you go to get them. Seriously. I can't even make them at home anymore when my brother is around. I swear he's one of those Transformers, except he turns into a vacuum cleaner. His hand, looking like a backhoe, scoops up more chips than seems possible, and then into the Hoover Black Hole they go. It really is a sight.
(It is safe to use your own address, though; I promise to send chips and not spam.)

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